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Koala Kare Child Protection Seat


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The Koala Kare KB102 Model Child Protection Seat is designed to help parents secure their child comfortably while attending to other matters especially when out on shopping. This child protection seat is designed to ensure the safety of babies and small children as the seat is mounted on the wall with nylon protection straps to keep the child in place.

Bringing kids out during shopping seems to be a burden for some parents and the Koala Kare Child Protection Seat is the best solution for such dilemma. Keep your kid strapped and out of mischief as you use the restroom or the changing cubicle in the mall. It is specifically made to secure your child at ease with a textured surface seat and belt straps that extend over the child’s shoulder and reaching in between the legs to prevent from falling. Moreover, the KB102 Model is embedded with an antimicrobial solution into the plastic material to prevent wharf of germs and bacterial growth. The product is made with an FDA approved high density of blow-molded polyethylene and a hinge rod made of stainless steel that makes the unit easy to clean.

The seat is portable as and saves a lot of space when used. The specifications include that the unit measures 143mm when closed and requires a wall space of less than 600 sq. m.

The product comes in two colours, cream and grey, and is suited for usage of children up to 3 years old with a weight of no more than 22.7 kilos.