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Our Story

I'm Tony Spencer and I've handled a lot of diapers in the past three years, some of which I'd like to erase from my memory. Before my son Simon was born, I was amazed at how many fathers I encountered who had never changed a single diaper. I heard everything from "My husband is just squeamish and doesn't deal well with bad smells" to simple 1950's style defiance "I just don't do that". Come on guys. I'm sure you have dealt with worse smells in your own bathroom. And let's face it, you didn't have to carry that heavy baby for 9 months and push it out of your body. You owe her a few diaper changes.

I was determined to do the right thing and change diapers as often as possible, and I've begun to notice that there are a lot of good fathers out there changing diapers. I see them lugging their diaper bags and babies to the bathroom, only to quickly come right back out and head to the car for an awkward change in the back seat. Men's bathrooms very rarely have a diaper-changing station (and I suspect some women's bathrooms often lack one). The result? Restaurants and other establishments are discouraging men from being helpful, diaper-changing fathers... and I intend to change that. 

So if you know of a public bathroom that lacks a diaper-changing station, write a short note for the owner or manager and we'll print and mail it for you. If we hear back from them , we'll let you know what they decided. If they decided to add a station perhaps you can give them a quick kudos on Yelp, Google, Angie's List or other review site. A lot of shop owners don't realize they are missing out on an opportunity to create loyal, repeat customers from those of us totting the baby around each day.

Simon is nearing the end of his diaper stage of life. He says "I'm getting purple undies." Hey, if anyone can rock the purple briefs proudly it'll be him. But I have to admit I'm going to miss all the crazy conversations and laughs we've shared during the diaper change.


Tony Spencer
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Author: Tony Spencer