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Koala Kare Stainless Steel Recessed Horizontal Station


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If you would like to bring a family oriented culture to the front position of your business while preserving a lustrous and modish appearance in your washrooms, look no more than this KB110-SSRE Horizontal Recessed Model of a stainless steel baby changing station by one of the finest manufacturers, Koala Kare.

This Koala Kare Baby Changing Station is a stainless steel, horizontal, recessed unit. It has a grey colored polyethylene interior surface topped with a smooth satin finish of stainless steel on the outside. The unit utterly adjourns hooked on your bathroom wall. The product features include an 18 gauge, stainless steel (type 304) façade with a satin polish to complete a glossy gaze that is hard-wearing and stress-free to clean. Also, nylon safety belts and diaper bag hangers or hooks arrange for parents to experience comfort in diaper changing however warranting the protection of their kids. The bedstead of the changing station is suffused with Microban® antimicrobial material that lessens odour-causing germs to make sure that the unit is kept back safely and clean during in-between washings.

Additional features include a steel-on-steel hinge device that meets the ASTM standards, product safety instruction that come in six different languages, and an integral dispenser. Benefit from a 56 % recycled product contributing to a greener earth, an antimicrobial bed surface to maintain hygienic and easy in-between cleanings.