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Koala Kare Horizontal Baby Changing Station in White Granite


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When looking to purchase a baby changing station, it is important to make sure that it is a reputable design that is also filled with safety advantages. The Koala Kare KB200-11 is a baby changing station which offers a great deal of safety and convenience perks!

This horizontal Koala Kare baby changing system is designed with the safety of the infant in mind. The added safety straps give parents the peace of mind in knowing that their little bundle of joy won’t be rolling off the bed. To ensure that there is a sufficient durability, it is composed of injected molded polypropylene. This will add to the long life of the station as well. The station also includes a pneumatic cylinder and metal mounting framework to contribute to smooth opening and closing of the bed.

With the ability to hold up to 200 lbs, thanks to the superior strength from the steel hinges, the Koala Kare baby changing station will easily support the baby and products needed by the parent. Also added for convenience are hooks for the parents to hang any diaper bags or purses on.

As long as installation directions are followed, the Koala Kare KB200-11 baby changing station meets all ADA requirements and also meets the necessary ASTM static load performance requirements.

The specification sheet should answer any other questions. Please refer to it to find additional information and directions for installation.

Product Features

-Horizontal mounted baby station
-Steel framework can support up to 200 lbs
-Designed with style in mind
-Offered in four great colors
-Safety straps are added for the baby
-Hooks add convenience for the parents
-Meets ADA and ASTM requirements
-Bed surface is made of an anti-bacterial material to help reduce odor and bacteria
-Environmentally friendly by using 16% recycled materials
-Includes a dual liner cavity that can fit up to 50 liners. The lock on the cavity deters and vandalism that may occur