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Koala Bear Kare Baby Changing Stations

Koala Bear BrandKoala Kare is the world's most popular manufacturer of baby changing stations. A pioneer in the industry, the brand was formed in 1986 and is now instantly recognized and expected as a standard in women's, men's, and family restrooms.

Koala Kare has grown to me the most specified brand of baby changing station by architects, developers, and interior designers because:

  • The company insists on the highest level of quality, safety, attractiveness, and durability
  • Compliance with all ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) regulations including optional raised braile instructions on its polyethylene products
  • Attractive stations available in multiple styles and configurations including horizontal, vertical, stainless steel (recessed and surface mounted) and countertop

Horizontal Stations

The KB200 model replaces the older KB100, is made of durable polypropelyne and is available in cream, earth, white granite, and gray. The chassis is made of unibody steel and can support up to 200 lbs. (I feel sorry for the mother changing a diaper on a 200 lb baby!). An internal compartment can hold up to 50 disposable sanitary liners. Microban antimicrobial is embedded in the plastic which prevents stains, odors, and degradation of the product's appearance. 

Vertical Stations

The KB101 model is a vertical diaper station made of high density polypropelyne and is also available in cream, earth, white granite, and gray. The hinges are full length steel which eliminate wear points on the plastic and ensures safety for the child. This unit is also embedded with Microban antimicrobial in the plastic.

Stainless Steel Stations

Koala Bear produces four stainless steel stations: a horizontal recessed, a horizontal surface mount, a vertical recessed, and a vertical wall mount option. The interior of each stainless steel unit is gray polypropelyne plastic treated with Microban.

Made in the USAChild Protection Seats

Finally Koala Kare produces and fold down child protection seat. This increasingly popular product allows the parent to place the small child in the seat with secure straps so he/she may deal with other siblings, try on clothing, or tend to other restroom matters.